Consumer Products

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Consumer products companies face a plethora of new challenges, shaped by complex consumer dynamics and shopper behavior, retail remodeling and realignment, and deteriorating and emerging markets. Brands are confronted with expanding and consolidating, while emphasizing a smart and profitable business strategy.

We understand that one firm’s dead-end is another’s route to market dominance and profitable growth. Our directive is to deliver actionable programs that build your brand portfolios in a sustainable and defensible manner. From concept to execution, we build brand relationships that connect products with their “consumer soul mates.”

Key questions:

  • How does the company address cost forces and pricing risks?
  • How does the company adjust to rapidly changing consumer requirements and adapt to the truncated product life cycles?
  • What are the best ways to meet the demands of the increasingly heterogeneous consumer?
  • What is the most profitable course through a consolidating retail landscape?
  • What strategies can we use to achieve growth in both developing and developed markets?