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Marketing Strategy & Planning

Today’s competitive landscape requires your organization to quickly respond to competitive forces with disruptive, structure breaking thinking in all aspects of marketing, branding, sales, analysis, etc. Our directive is to create economic moats that leave competitors cringing, and stakeholders cheering.

Our deliverables include:

  • Determining segment potential and behavior
  • Business modeling and brand/product portfolio strategy
  • Marketing strategy and objectives
  • Marketing execution, including marketing effectiveness/ROMI
  • Marketing capabilities (organization, roles, and processes)


Our approach integrates all the components required to create and maintain a strong market position. From assessing the effectiveness of current capabilities to projecting opportunities and challenges, we work to identify and fill gaps that hinder market dominance.

Key offerings:

  • Precise Striking: focusing on key topics such as proficient marketing, category management and performance pricing
  • Market Positioning: structuring the organization for change, improvement and attack