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Portfolio. Destination. Transaction. Loyalty.

What’s “new” with retail? Shopper diversion, cultural shifts and thin margins are all the rage. The uncertainty of trend viability is superseded only by its lifecycle. Previous methodologies that assume loyalty and communication effectiveness are like the lottery − playing makes you feel like you can win but the probability of hitting the jackpot is remote.

Retailers, regardless of the number of distribution points, need to embrace prevailing consumer technologies and behaviors, developing customized solutions that engage the consumer early and often. We can help you develop meaningful relationships with prospective customers while strengthening rapport to retain customers.

Retail Directives:

  • How can we determine the right portfolio of products, services, formats, and locations for future growth and profitability?
  • Is it possible for us to become the destination for core spenders in the category?
  • How do we analyze transactional data to better understand consumers and improve the engagement?
  • Can we ensure the unified experience across channels, geographies and formats that consumers are now demanding?