Brand Management

Reassess and Validate for the Future 

Your brand is an asset you must continually build and protect so that it stays primed and strong in good times and cycles of uncertainty. The condition of a market is never permanent, nor is a company’s market position. Only sound brand management can traverse the winds of change.

Sometimes refinement is needed. Sometimes a full transformation is indicated. New directions, new offerings and new customers need to be acknowledged. And as markets and behaviors continue to shift, brands must emotionally resonate to create and sustain good relationships.

Create, build and execute on solid ground

Whether your brand needs strategic adjustments or a complete overhaul, you will benefit from a sound approach that protects the integrity and equity you have already built. The Cooper Group (TCG) guides you with confidence to the next phase of your brand story, identity and execution.

Customer Insights and Segmentation: We help companies form a current, insightful understanding of customer needs and behaviors – in ways that are actionable.

Product Management: Our consultants collaboratively guide the development of a value proposition that soundly differentiates your offerings from the competition.

Strategy Alignment: We show you how to drive profitability by uniting company-wide behind your brand, aligning marketing and strategy with overarching business objectives.

Customer Experience (CX) Development: Our techniques are cutting edge in helping to drive interactions that build solid relationships, sales, loyalty and advocacy.

Brand Positioning: We help you identify and clarify competitive threats, seize opportunities that guide research and development, and increase the impact of integrated marketing programs.

Portfolio Optimization: We share solid methods to segment customers by individual categories and brand assortment compositions, and establish and monitor best practice processes.

Holistic Execution: We help your company speak with one voice by providing guidance for establishing brand consistency across operations, marketing, channels and communications.  

Take the next step in successful brand building