Build a Platform Where Your Offerings Flourish

Rapid-cycle change is the name of the game for today’s technology companies. If you’re looking for aggressive growth and higher market share in today’s volatile market, you need a business and marketing strategy that’s even more nimble than your products, services and solutions.  

We are that kind of developer. With a firm grasp on your time-sensitive opportunities, we embolden your approach with an agile strategy for digital marketing, optimization, reporting, analytics, sales, new business development, customer nurturing and daily marketing activities.

Think of it as your intersect-of-things  

We strongly encourage startup, small and mid-sized tech firms to bring your marketing function into the DevOps war room. Why? Because success in the market starts with close internal alignment of your mission, goals and people behind your strategy.

The Cooper Group (TCG) is all about creating internal fluency and clarity. Through collaboration and in-depth assessment, we help you and your team find unique sweet spots for business and marketing innovation – and a path to sustainable growth.

Sound strategy for the take-no-prisoners IT world

Here’s the ammo you get from our methods to compete head-on in the market:

  • Distinct branding that attracts consumers, investors and influencers
  • Smart market segmentation and targeting
  • Compelling messaging that appeals to your target market
  • Actionable steps based on user feedback
  • Informed resource allocation
  • Educated insights for pricing decisions
  • Effective sales channel management

Put our IT consulting expertise to work