Media and Digital

Amplify Your Reach, Presence and Market Share  

How many people are online – browsing, shopping, sharing, gaming, banking, investing, conducting business and consuming news? Almost 4.57 billion people were active internet users in early 2020 – and the number is exploding. The COVID-19 pandemic alone is driving a permanent migration away from traditional connectivity, communication and commerce. 

As internet connectivity and evolving devices continue their ceaseless sprint to higher levels of penetration, the charge is clear for media and digital companies: 

  • Stay aware of how your customers use existing and emerging platforms.
  • Crush the competition with the most progressive engagement strategy.

Lead with sound, agile marketing in every channel 

The Cooper Group (TCG) assists digital marketers with informed, data-driven, dynamic strategies that drive return on investment – a holistic approach to your goals. Whether you use email, social media, content, mobile engagement, SEO, SEM, PPC, SMS, websites, videos, podcasts or more – we design your strategy to attract, convert and retain your ideal customers.

Our process is both structured and flexible for cogent progression within your organization:

  • Assessment
  • Discovery and Innovation
  • Digital Strategy
  • Deployment
  • Analytics
  • Optimization

Let’s collaborate and answer the key questions

  • How can you leverage your brand, content and audience through online platforms?
  • How will you sustain existing business while building all-new revenue streams?
  • Which combination of channels and platforms will best serve your unique goals?
  • How will you increase automation and still focus on customer personalization?
  • How can you benefit from the disruption of traditional marketing channels?

Discover the right digital marketing strategy