The Foresight You Need to Compete and Grow

At The Cooper Group (TCG), we prioritize the use of sophisticated analytics to ensure startup, small and mid-size companies fully benefit from sound business and marketing strategies. We marshal and analyze information and turn it into actionable practices for stronger performance. 

Analytics lead to informed decisions, stronger leadership, clear market opportunities, deep insights into shopping and buying behaviors, refined R&D, ROI-driven marketing, fast upselling and cross-selling, gains in operational efficiency and higher revenue.

Make solid business sense out of valuable data

Businesses know the importance of information and business intelligence, but many drown in a sea of hard data, unsure how to extrapolate meaningful insights. Even when you can identify areas in need of improvement and set great goals, how do you mine facts to make a difference?  

Let us help you capitalize on the gold. Our consultants are expert researchers and analysts who ask you the right questions, tap into the right data sources and metrics, and apply the results to strategies that help you transform and grow in a competitive landscape.

What do you gain from our analytics consulting?

  • Smarter, organization-wide decisions  
  • Current and accurate understanding of your customers and prospects
  • Emerging trends in your industry and market
  • Competitive profiles 
  • Forecasts on shifting consumer behaviors
  • Clarity on strengths and inefficiencies in your processes
  • Evidence of where your marketing is succeeding and failing
  • Measurements of internal processes and employee performance
  • Smarter and more efficient allocation of resources and spending

Go after your desired outcomes with clarity