Level Up Your Sales and Marketing Game

The bottom line in omnichannel sales and marketing is of course your bottom line – revenue gained by giving customers the same, cohesive, personalized shopping and buying experience on any day, device, app or channel they choose to engage you. So few companies do it right.   

IT advancements are making it easier to deliver it all and everywhere – service, convenience, choice, availability, instant confirmation and quick fulfillment. But keeping this personal point-of-service promise to consumers requires agile strategy and deep reliance on data and analytics.

Make your strategy sound and seamless

Supply Chain and Logistics: Sales, marketing and customer experience are no longer siloed off from purchasing, warehouse management, inventory visibility, logistics, delivery times and service policies. We help you coalesce all functions behind a sound omnichannel strategy.  

Technology Integration: Omnichannel retailing involves continued investment in solutions that synchronize data and ongoing execution across all channels. The Cooper Group (TCG) helps you identify your strengths, weaknesses, needs, IT trends and effective resource allocation.

Engagement and Retention: Demand for personalized service is unprecedented among today’s digitally savvy consumers. Let us help you win and retain them by refining your approach to search engine and website optimization, target marketing, social media, advertising and more.

Leverage the full power of every channel 

Here’s how The Cooper Group brings clarity, agility and strength to your omnichannel strategy:

  • Plan a unified, homogenous experience across all channels, geographies and formats.
  • Adopt engagement solutions that connect early and often to build relationships and sales.
  • Identify the best e-commerce platforms for your products.
  • Make sense of transactional data and understand how it fits into your overall strategy.
  • Take e-commerce control, from online marketing to IT, service, payment and fulfillment
  • Use custom analytics data to inform smart, forward-thinking decisions that increase ROI.

Deliver profit-building consistency across all touch points