Customer Experience (CX)

Create Your Unique Customer-Centric Strategy

If you’re up to date on the value and significance of CX, then you know CX is replacing price and other differentiators in what customers want most from a brand. You probably also know that delivering top-notch CX is a full-on corporate initiative. We make your journey easier. 

The Cooper Group (TCG) helps startup, small and mid-sized organizations form a sound and phased approach – one that fosters an internal culture and ecosystem that integrates IT, marketing, selling and Human Resources around a powerful customer-centric strategy. 

Customer insights — the bones of agile CX

When people engage your brand – online, on the phone, in person, through email or chat – what is their perception of your product, service and people? What they think about these interactions and engagements should be the impetus that drives your CX strategy. 

We perform a thorough evaluation of customer feedback to create clear, actionable objectives for your success through every touch point and process in the customer journey with you. 

Be holistic in energizing relationships

CX is about being consistent in brand identity, voice, promise and especially personalization through any channel, point of service, device or platform. The Cooper Group helps you deliver good experiences that influence buying behavior and increase your brand value. 

Here’s how we support and guide your progression: 

  • Identify all channels and platforms where your target customers and prospects are active.
  • Collect, analyze and use customer feedback to define what customers and prospects want.
  • Define the experience you want to deliver and how you will do it.
  • Determine the technology, processes and people you need to improve and grow CX.  
  • Choose an omnichannel strategy that delivers consistent, seamless, universal experiences.  
  • Focus operations and marketing on personalized, meaningful customer interactions.
  • Align customer service and support functions behind strategy – both human and automated. 
  • Use IT integration to enable transactional responsiveness from front to back-office. 
  • Recognize emerging trends and be agile in adapting to the market.
  • Establish ongoing internal training and support processes.

Let us help you be the best in the business