Performance Auditing

To Get Where You’re Going, Know Where You Stand  

Performance Auditing from The Cooper Group (TCG) gives your organization vital information and insights into your market position and performance. Our services are especially beneficial to small and mid-sized companies looking to aggressively grow market share.

If you want an accurate, objective perspective on your brand and a sound go-to-market strategy, we can help. We also identify agile, effective methods to stand out in a crowded marketplace.  

Take a deep dive into your strategy for growth

Our audit lets you know precisely where you stand so you have a solid platform for growth. We perform a comprehensive intake, examination and evaluation of your internal and external communications, operations and current and desired market position. Here’s how we do it…

Strategy: Holistic evaluation of your corporate standing, brand and marketing, including your unique mission, goals and objectives

Stakeholder Analytics and Research: Rigorous and accurate analysis of your customers, prospects, competitors, industry and value proposition

Market Positioning and Differentiation: Assessment of your brand strengths, competitive weaknesses, targeting of customers, and key industry trends

Identity Principles and Guidelines: Appraisal of your company’s visual branding and voice, and consistency of identity building across internal and external communications and venues

Brand Communications: Hard look at the story your brand tells, and whether it’s the right one

Organizational Design: Objective analysis of your culture, hierarchy, alignment of marketing objectives with business goals, talent management and resource acquisition processes

Brand Extension: Identification of the most promising avenues to extend your brand, with full analysis of market position and opportunity

Human and Marketing Resources: How to augment with external resources and personnel if current resources are inadequate to pursue new goals 

Be grounded in your approach to the future