Consumer Packaged Goods

Create a Fluid Sales and Marketing Ecosystem 

Consumer packaged goods companies face unprecedented challenges and opportunities in today’s disrupted marketplace:

  • Dramatic changes in consumer shopping and buying behaviors  
  • Retail remodeling and realignment 
  • Emerging markets and deteriorating markets 
  • Steep competition around pricing and branding 
  • The race to package and sell in more affordable ways 

To maintain profitable margins, brands need a sales and marketing strategy with new ways to compete – from concept to execution.

We help you win hearts and minds

The Cooper Group (TCG) understands the complex nature of your business and the broad network of players involved in strategy-to-shelf approaches to the market – from supplier and retailer negotiations, through your supply chain and on-time delivery to distribution channels.

When it works, you convert, satisfy and build consumer loyalty and advocacy. The question is, how do you make it work in today’s erratic environment? 

We have answers. Our mission is to help you connect your products with consumer soul mates. This is achieved by identifying your strengths, weaknesses, competitive advantages and real opportunities, and delivering actionable strategies that yield sustainable results.

Let’s collaborate and answer the key questions

  1. How should your company address cost forces and pricing risks?
  2. What are the best ways for you to meet radically shifting consumer demands?
  3. How do you adapt product life cycles to adjust to consumer demand?
  4. What is your most profitable path in today’s consolidating retail landscape?
  5. What strategies will stimulate your growth in developed and developing markets?

Get strategy that delivers the goods for your portfolio