Business Intelligence

Grow Revenue While Cutting Risks and Costs

Every industry is undergoing intensive disruption, with dynamics shaking up the status quo of companies, products and services in all sectors. As companies struggle to find new footing and remain profitable in these turbulent times, it’s no longer enough to simply respond to change.

Success means anticipating and creating change and The Cooper Group (TCG) can help you do it. Our Business Intelligence services give you the information you need to embrace change, make clear and informed decisions, and confidently transform while staying leaps ahead of customer needs and competitor strides. 

Get your big picture with current, trustworthy data

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with startup, small and mid-sized companies to provide real-time data, unique insights and analytics to guide companies forward. Many business owners are surprised by what we find, which is often different than their assumptions. That’s the beauty of business intelligence. It’s never too late to course correct and capture unseen opportunities.

We use state-of-the-art systems, tools, processes and extensive market intelligence to unearth facts about the company, customers, past and present business performance, operational and service strengths and weaknesses, marketing ROI, competitor profiles, industry trends and outliers, and real opportunities in both current and prospective markets. 

Actionable information to grow the business

Our highly experienced analysts help you thoroughly understand the intelligence we provide – and how you can use it for maximum impact across your business and portfolio. 

Customer Intelligence: We arm you and your team with psychographic, demographic and geographic data to understand current customer behaviors, satisfaction levels, customers’ evolving needs and service performance. Our analytics also predict future opportunities.

Competitor Intelligence: In today’s competitive environment, we give you every advantage for strategic decision making by gathering and analyzing information on your competitors, the channels where you compete and your industry.

Industry Intelligence: If you’re planning to enter a new industry or category, let us conduct an assessment of your potential for success. You’ll get a detailed analysis of market size and potential, trends, competitor and customer data, and a solid future forecast.

Prepare to win with intel that informs smart decisions