Marketing Strategy and Planning

Take the Wheel in a Turbulent Climate

Where are you in the spectrum of current approaches to marketing? Many established firms lack nimble processes to create opportunities or capture them as they arise. Newer firms are more flexible but less practiced in making educated decisions. Truth? Longevity isn’t relevant.

Today, effective marketing is about mind over maturity. It’s a new world and we know how to help you right the ship and crew. The Cooper Group (TCG) helps startup, small and mid-sized enterprises become formidable, agile marketers who drive engagement and are ready to strike.

Change now to a disruptive and agile mindset

  • Level up your marketing organization’s capabilities, roles and processes.
  • Know the revenue potential of your market segments and buying behaviors.
  • Understand the landscape, including existing and emerging competition.
  • Identify and understand where your current marketing efforts fall short.
  • Become intimate with your customers’ needs, desires and motivations.
  • Translate analytics data into measurable marketing objectives and tactics.
  • Refresh and strengthen your customer acquisition and retention methods.
  • Develop an agile and effective go-to-market strategy.
  • Benefit from better business modeling and strategy for your brand portfolio.
  • Execute an effective and holistic strategy for maximum return on investment.

Tap our expertise for precision execution

The Cooper Group is ready to assist you in creating a sound marketing strategy. We take a consultative approach to company and market analysis, and work collaboratively with your team leaders. We also have the resources to help you with strategy implementation and execution. 

Use our core competencies to your full advantage

Conquer market positioning: Structure your organization for change, improvement and attack.

Ensure precise striking: Grow with informed category management and performance pricing.

Empower a marketing strategy that works