Stand on the visitors sideline of any professional football game.  Now try to communicate, without a phone, PA system, etc., with someone on the home team’s sideline – during a game.  Can he/she hear you?  Do the players, announcer and fans completely drown out the message? No matter how loudly you speak, he/she can’t hear you.

Now, using your regular speaking voice, talk to someone in a full restaurant.  The intended audience is ten tables away. Can he/she hear you?  Will the noise of the patrons, employees and music create a barrier?

With your communication target, walk into an empty room.  Stand next to him/her, lean over and whisper your message into his/her ear.  Without interfering sounds, does the communication reach the target?

The purpose of marketing is to communicate the company’s value proposition with the target audience – under optimal conditions.  Stop yelling across the football stadium or restaurant.  Get closer to your target … and whisper. 

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