Strategy: Composing Your Sheet Music

Remember your first symphony?  You were amazed at the intricate, melodic sounds created by the director, musicians and instruments.  This inconceivable connection between seemingly disparate parts creates the most soothing environment.  Unfortunately, most symphonies only focus on the prior three contributing elements. There’s little consideration to the core of the collaboration – the composer.

The composer is the basis from which the melody is created.  Great composers (Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and alike) document their genius in sheet music: an outline for musicians to follow to achieve the intended musical results.  As a leader, you are the composer. You determine the 1. Director: manager who leads your efforts, 2. Musicians: team members who execute composition and 3. Instruments: the tools needed to reach the organization’s goals.  The strategy, known as sheet music, is the foundation of your symphony’s performance.  Write it. Share it. Live it.

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