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The Changing Marketing World

The world of marketing has never been as exciting.  However, it’s also never been this tumultuous. Customers demand more choices, improved services and customized solutions. 

Are you a Leader or a Boss?

There are unsuccessful companies with incredible products and services. There are successful companies with marginal products and services. Wait!  How do great ideas fail when

Collaborative Economy

The collaborative economy is defined as an economic movement where technologies enable individuals and organizations to access and use the goods and services they need

The “New” Holiday Season

Remember when Black Friday (yes, the day after Thanksgiving) ushered in the holiday shopping season?  Millions of frantic consumers spent numerous dark, cold hours in

Your Marketing Needs Marketing

Think about your business. Are your marketing efforts yielding the results you expected?  Is your spend efficient?  Has the relationship with your customers, stakeholders, vertical,

Brand Confusion

In the most tumultuous competitive environment ever, branding has never been more important.  Consistently, concisely and efficiently delivering the brand message to the target customer

Marketing vs. Branding

If there’s confusion about the definition of marketing (See May 2015 post), I’m about to drive many crazy with the following question: What’s the difference

That’s Why They Call It Marketing

There’s so much confusion regarding the marketing discipline.  The vastness of its elements often results in the narrowness of its understanding and even narrower appropriate

Chaos: The New Norm

François de la Rochefoucauld said: “The only thing constant in life is change.” In today’s tumultuous business environment, Francois’ quote would be an understatement. The speed and

The Ubiquitous Brand

Let’s start with defining (from a marketing perspective) ubiquitous:  providing a seamless experience, regardless of channel or device. Consumers can now engage a brand in