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Your Strategy… Needs a Strategy

Historically, strategy is defined as a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall goal.  Today, the definition of strategy takes

Fail Fast

The Definition “A strategy of trying something, getting fast feedback, and then rapidly inspecting and adapting. In the presence of high levels of uncertainty, it is

Running from Success

We’ve noticed a few trends recently.  Leaders with brands are abandoning these largely successful, recognized, and valued cash cows for newer, shinier toys.  First, brand

Who Are You?

For years, TCG has advocated one very simple starting point in every strategy discussion: Who are you? In other words, describe the brand’s core value.

That’s Not Your Customer

In a recent meeting, leaders discussed the need to grow their business by expanding the brand’s customer base.  Efforts to become more attractive to this

Forget What You Know

Contrary to conventional wisdom, great experiences and successes can destroy your company! Yes, really. Most leaders believe in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix

The Marketing Whisper

Stand on the visitors sideline of any professional football game.  Now try to communicate, without a phone, PA system, etc., with someone on the home team’s sideline – during a

Evolution vs. Revolution

Evolution is defined as a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development, as in social or economic structures or institutions. Revolution is defined as an overthrow or

Strategy: Composing Your Sheet Music

Remember your first symphony?  You were amazed at the intricate, melodic sounds created by the director, musicians and instruments.  This inconceivable connection between seemingly disparate

Talking Numbers

Many leaders pound the table regarding the importance of analytics.  They spend countless hours and dollars calculating data, identifying trends and evaluating performances.   Prideful, companies

When Your Strategy Should Not Be A Secret

Developing a competitive advantage is often associated with an organization’s ability to conceive, cultivate and execute a solid, confidential strategy.  Leaders work diligently to keep their

Clean (Slate) Up Your Brand

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, traditional brands are experiencing difficulty retaining market share, let alone growing share.  Many struggle to recognize, strategize and prioritize the new customer